Where Are The Believers?


I suppose you could say tonight’s post is a bit of a vent. It was actually a journal entry, but as I was writing in response to a challenging day and many months and months of frustration and hitting walls, I thought someone might relate???

Dear God,

It seems like most Christians do not believe the Word of God outside of the four walls of church or the security of a Bible study. Instead, they are addicted to talking eagerly about the Bible…but not living it out. Continue reading


The Church Game: A Bear Hug From God

In 1999/2000 I experienced my first major disappointment within my church. There were several disappointments and things I didn’t understand as I was growing up, but this experience as an adult was far more painful that I could imagine and it caught me off guard.  The people I loved the most were not only not helping me in a major crisis but they literally turned their back on me.  I felt like I had just been kicked to the curb and left to die.  Sound dramatic?  It happened and was so bad I had to move out of that town because I had no where to go. Continue reading