Harper Granville is moving

lets-stay-connectedHey friends!

Just a heads up>>> I’ve moved to a self-hosted site so that means if you are following via email – you’ll need to visit my new site and enter your email again. Bummer, I know. (Posts will still show up in WP reader)

I know I’ve been quiet for awhile. I’ve been writing so much for other people that I kept putting my personal stuff on the back burner…that happens.

I’ve also made a goal to write my first book by Jan. 31.2017 (whoa!) Could use your encouragement and cheers along the way.

Here is my latest post that didn’t show up in your email: Personal Pursuit. Kind of a heavy one, but was writing out of some frustration.

I’m getting ready to start a new series about the common phrases we hear, so I’d love to have you continue to give me input and follow along.

Blessings on your day!