God Wants To Tell YOU Something


Good morning my precious friends! I have a quick word for you today…

The Lord God, our Good Father, is speaking. He is always speaking. But right now He is almost SHOUTING to His church!

So many wonderful things, but also words of direction and correction.

Do not wait for God to come to you….the Word says to “SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND, KNOCK AND THE DOOR WILL BE OPENED”. This is a directive to those who already call themselves Christians. This is not speaking to unbelievers. Why would our good Father tell Christians to “seek” and “knock”?

Because He has something to say….and He wants you to come looking for it, to train your ears to hear.

Starting a little over a year ago I started pressing in to know the Father and the works of the Holy Spirit better and since then He has continued to deepen His revelations to me at increasing speed. Every day I hear His voice a little clearer, to the point I wonder if I ever heard it before. It is like the book, Hinds Feet On High Places. He keeps drawing me further up and further in.

Yesterday was an explosion of understanding and I am trying to unpack it all so that I can express what He is saying.

But today I wanted to URGE you…PRESS IN, SEEK, KNOCK because God is speaking so much to this generation through His spirit, through prophets, through understanding of the Word…YOU MUST, MUST, MUST BE IN THE SCRIPTURES YOURSELF DAILY! IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN FOOD FOR YOUR BODY!!

I hear Him calling His church to learn, again, the disciplines of fasting and prayer (by the way, fasting isn’t just for tough times to get God to move…it’s for us to TUNE our ears to His voice).

Press in and listen because the good Father has so much He wants to speak to YOU.

Grace and Peace and Wisdom and Understanding to you my brothers and sisters. Amen!


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