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God Wants To Tell YOU Something


Good morning my precious friends! I have a quick word for you today…

The Lord God, our Good Father, is speaking. He is always speaking. But right now He is almost SHOUTING to His church!

So many wonderful things, but also words of direction and correction.

Do not wait for God to come to you….the Word says to “SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND, KNOCK AND THE DOOR WILL BE OPENED”. This is a directive to those who already call themselves Christians. This is not speaking to unbelievers. Why would our good Father tell Christians to “seek” and “knock”?

Because He has something to say….and He wants you to come looking for it, to train your ears to hear.

Starting a little over a year ago I started pressing in to know the Father and the works of the Holy Spirit better and since then He has continued to deepen His revelations to me at increasing speed. Every day I hear His voice a little clearer, to the point I wonder if I ever heard it before. It is like the book, Hinds Feet On High Places. He keeps drawing me further up and further in.

Yesterday was an explosion of understanding and I am trying to unpack it all so that I can express what He is saying.

But today I wanted to URGE you…PRESS IN, SEEK, KNOCK because God is speaking so much to this generation through His spirit, through prophets, through understanding of the Word…YOU MUST, MUST, MUST BE IN THE SCRIPTURES YOURSELF DAILY! IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN FOOD FOR YOUR BODY!!

I hear Him calling His church to learn, again, the disciplines of fasting and prayer (by the way, fasting isn’t just for tough times to get God to move…it’s for us to TUNE our ears to His voice).

Press in and listen because the good Father has so much He wants to speak to YOU.

Grace and Peace and Wisdom and Understanding to you my brothers and sisters. Amen!


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The Dog Park

black lab
As I was walking my dog this morning, I watched the cars pulling into the dog park across the street. I smiled as a truck drove by with a dog barking incessantly as the truck drew closer to the park. His barking made me laugh out loud because I could feel the excitement of this dog – he certainly knew where they were heading! It is not an unusual occurrence. I hear dogs barking and jumping excitedly all the time as their owners drive up to the park.
I smiled as I thought how great it was that these people love and take care of their dogs so much. We all love our pets, don’t we? We cater to them. We get up early for them. We do things for them that they love. We cuddle with them. They are the focus of our photos and attention.

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I Wonder…

Dear God,

I wonder what it would have been like to have been the field that Jesus walked through – to feel His feet against my soil?

stay fit

I wonder what it would have been like to be the tree that provided shade against the heat of the day – to have the Son of God lay against my trunk and under my branches?twisted tree

Or what about the cloud He gazed upon while looking in the sky? What shapes would He have seen in me?cloud-trees

What would it have been like to be the wind that blew through His hair – to feel the softness of His skin as I gently blew by?sun-hair

Or what about the rock He cried upon and leaned on while He prayed to His Father – to feel the warm blood that He sweat as it dripped on my hard surface?

Sea of stones, Kali Basin, Hungary

But as the rocks, trees, fields, and wind were created through Him – so also was man created in His image. And I am thankful that I know what it is like to be a child of God. And though I have not been able to physically touch Jesus (yet) – He has touched me in a much deeper way, by loving me.

To know that the blood that dripped upon that rock, and why He came to earth was for me, makes me thankful that I don’t have to wonder what it is like to be made in the image of God.face-laugh


[Originally written Monday, April 27, 1992. I was 22 and had such a tender heart towards God.]

Embrace These Days


What is happening in our nation? It seems like every day there is a new crisis! Fear easily creeps in and steals our thoughts and emotions during times of change and unrest. We are seeing crisis on a national scale and the ripples of anger, frustration, exasperation have touched every single person in one way or another.

How do you respond? Do you engage in the bantering and taking on of political cause as a reactionary response to it all? Maybe. Perhaps that needs to be done.

Do you panic because you feel like your world is crumbling around you and fear is gripping your heart? Or it could be that anger is consuming your mind.

Our responses/reaction are based on what we choose to see. So…

What do you see?

We’ve had time to get over our initial reactions, but now can you step back, look at our nation through different eyes and see beyond the surface? Instead of the foul banter that is bubbling up on the surface, what is happening at the core, the source?

I encourage you to refrain from acting out of initial emotion. Knee-jerk responses are never right. But when you step back and look deeper, what do you notice?

This week, I watched, prayed, and was overcome by what I saw. Like a wildfire that blazes through land and destroys everything in it’s path, our nation seems to be reeling from fires in every direction and I don’t think we are quite finished. Yet the beauty of wildfires is that they have a purpose: fires PURGE.

We are being purged, yet the aftermath is beauty and NEW LIFE.

Young plant
There is New Life in the midst of turmoil.

What do I see? I see NEW LIFE.

I am filled with praise right now! Praise!

  • I see hearts moved to compassion.
  • I see people uniting.
  • I see our country being shaken – and it’s good.
  • I see people falling to their knees in prayer.
  • I see people changing their perspective and looking to the Lord.
  • I see people waking up and doing what’s right.
  • I see people throwing off the deception of lies.
  • I see people breaking chains of destructive thinking.
  • I see the goodness of God in the land of the living!
  • I see God on His throne.
  • I see fields ready for harvest!
  • I see healing.
  • I see a time of OPPORTUNITY!


Do not fear! Embrace these days. Lift your voice in praise. Doors are open for new relationships, for healing, for loving. Stay focused on the new life that is pushing up through the ashes. As the Lord covers you in His love, share His love and reach out to others that are hurting. It is time to share the true love of the true God!