Tips For Reading God’s Word

Bible reading can be so boring and frustrating.  Many people read out of duty and obligation because that is what is expected or they think that is what makes them a good “Christian”; but do you get anything out of it?  You close the book and within 15 seconds you couldn’t tell anyone what you just read.  And if you could it doesn’t really excite you or you didn’t learn anything.  That has happened to me far too many times than I can recall.


First let me encourage you…your time is not wasted.

Even if you think you are not getting anything out of it – it’s the Word of God!  God promises that it will not be unprofitable.  Your spirit is absorbing it even if your mind is not. That being said, there are definitely ways to bring the Scriptures alive to the point that you will have a hard time NOT reading it! Today I was thinking about how my son says he wants to read the Bible but he doesn’t get anything out of it.  So I thought I’d put together a few easy and practical things I have learned that have brought the Word of God alive to me and I can’t get enough. It’s so frustrating knowing you should read the Bible and wanting to but not knowing how. Some days I just flop it open and try to read but it’s just black smudges on a page; nothing is going in.  However, I have kept at it. Many times while I am listening to a teaching or sermon I hear something that piques my interest and so I’ll go look up the verse they are speaking about or I’ll look up verses regarding that topic.

I am so thankful for the Word of God! My soul craves it.

To think we understand the ways of God just in our own thinking and understanding or based on “spiritual” quotes that are passed around on social media, or a magnet on your fridge, you are deceived, for the heart of man is nothing but self-serving. Just because a nice quote appears on a pretty picture with a lovely font doesn’t mean it is true. You must be in the Word of God so you can distinguish between truth and a pretty lie.

You must read and absorb the Word on your own and not rely on others telling you what it says or thinking you already know. It’s not boring. It is the most exciting, living book ever!

Here are some tips for making reading the Bible more productive:

1. Read slowly.
2. Ask questions and write them down as they come to mind. Don’t be afraid to write in your Bible.  I circle words, highlight, draw arrows, write down questions, write out definitions, etc. all over my Bible. I have also found that I like to put a date next to my notes.  It’s like a mini journal.  When I come across those notes with a date it reminds me what I was going through at that time and why that verse was meaningful to me.
3. Get a study Bible so you can look up the original meaning of the words (SO, SO, SO IMPORTANT!)
4. Use the NAS, or KJV, NKJ or Amplified translations (sorry but the NIV just isn’t one I recommend).
5. When a word jumps out to you while reading, look up it’s meaning and then using a concordance (there are free ones online) look up other verses that use the same word. You will learn so much!!
6. Write down the verses next to each other. Sit and meditate on them (think about them, say them outloud, etc.) and write down what comes to mind.

Hope this encourages you to open up the Word and let it breath life in you.  Let me know if this is helpful to you.



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