Red Cups and Such…

My rant for the day:

I am Frustrated womanso embarrassed to be associated with Christians right now.  I never set out to be controversial, political, opinionated, or whatever….but when people are stupid it just comes out.

I mean, I can’t get 30 seconds into reading posts on Facebook anymore without reading something really idiotic.  Like the red cups.

You know exactly what I’m talking about.  I’d expect to get fired up over politics and abusers and such, but anymore it is fellow Christians who really have lit a fire in my belly.  I’m scratching my head wondering how did a red cup at a coffee shop develop into a national issue that makes Christians look like a bunch of pompous *sses.

This kind of behavior is what has left me so frustrated and a big reason I started my blog.  I’ve been surrounded by Christians my entire life.  My dad was a pastor, my grandfather an elder, church Sunday AM, Sunday PM, and Wednesday PM.  Christian college, Christian job, Christian friends…..and from early on I noticed how miserable and mean Christians were.  As I got older I fit right into that self-righteous mold.  Very little laughter, a lot of criticizing, disgusting pride, trying to control everyone’s lives to make sure it fit the accepted church standard, lots of anger, constant judgment, and absolutely no positive influence in the lives of people who did not know God.  Doesn’t sound at all like Jesus.

It’s been years of restlessness and working to change my perspective (renewing my mind) as I knew my experience of “christianity” was not matching the Word of God.  To say I struggle with understanding grace would be a great understatement.

Then there are Red Cup moments and I want to scream!  Really?! Really?!?!?!?!  Come on folks.  Who started this anyway?  Shame on you!  You think complaining about a red cup that doesn’t say “Merry Christmas” is worth creating Much Ado About Nothing?  To the Christians who are supporting this and making it a big deal…you look stupid.  Yes, I’m angry.  You’re behavior is not drawing people to Christ.  You are creating a monumental wedge.  You think your actions will make someone say, “Wow.  They must really love this Jesus.  I feel so sad they feel persecuted over a red cup.  I’d love to know about this Jesus so I can be offended over a red cup too”.  This isn’t standing up for Christianity, it’s being self-righteous.  The only time Jesus got really angry is when people were being self-righteous!  News Flash:  You’re being self-righteous.  If it sounds like I’m being hard on Christians, I am.  I’m a Christian but I’m tired of seeing attitudes and behavior that are a far cry from love and grace.  Remember, it is the KINDNESS of God that leads to repentance and people will be drawn to God when they see our LOVE for one another.  Sorry, but I don’t see these things in the vast majority of churches and believers.  Maybe we need to go back to square one and realize that it’s time for a heart makeover courtesy of the Holy Spirit.

This is what grace & love look like:  Giving them your business.  Smiling at them. Learn their names. Leaving an extra tip.  Tell them how much you appreciate them.  Tell them God loves them just the way they are.  Going back day after day. Repeat. (Oh and it wouldn’t hurt to apologize for those who don’t get it.)

I’ve ranted. Carry on….


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